Teaching & Learning

One of the most important requirements of International College San Pedro, is to improve the student’s learning by researching and using the most effective teaching techniques.  Our teaching is based on the principles of ‘hands on’ active learning, co-operative, interactive learning and challenge.

Our seven principles of learning are:

Creating a positive, praise filled, student-teacher environment.   Individually, the child needs to be supported, stimulated, listened to, understood and valued. Each teacher’s input makes a difference, and enables each student to progress faster and succeed in the challenges inevitable in the learning process.

Encouraging co-operation between classmates. The school is the closest social institution after the family, and from the earliest age children need to learn to establish a relationship with their peers. We focus on a learning process which is social and collaborative, not competitive and isolated.  Sharing ideas, helps the brain make new connections and retain new knowledge.

Providing motivating, creative, intuitive, open-ended and ‘hands on’ teaching. The students need to apply what they learn in skills and knowledge, to future situations throughout their lives. We believe in ‘learning by doing’. The lessons are as practical and ‘hands on’ as possible, to encourage the children to apply their skills of learning, and by doing it themselves, fully understand the process and the outcome.

We encourage the students to set themselves targets and challenges, and in so doing, encourage them to achieve them.  We create an “I can do it”, culture.

Respecting the different learning levels. We take into account the different intellectual capacities, levels of maturity, knowledge and skills of every pupil, so that each student receives as much individual attention as possible.

Using the latest information and communication technologies. The latest ICT technologies provide the opportunity to enhance the learning process for our students, by creating a stimulating atmosphere and providing access to a mass of information easily and instantly.

Offering a demanding education, based on the improvement of the students as people. We believe in encouraging the children in a positive atmosphere of try and try again, in the spirit that we all learn from our mistakes, gaining deeper understanding from each attempt we make.