EHL is a leading English language teaching organization to teach students who wants to learn English as their second language, English as a foreign language, to prepare for ESL or TOEFL English exams or to prepare for undergraduate courses and university degrees in United Kingdom.

We have fully qualified teachers with 15yrs or more experience on teaching English to overseas (French, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, German, Polish etc.) students. We provide an excellent teaching & fabulous facilities to our students to study & stay with host family (in a homely environment) & have fun through sightseeing and excursions tours.

EHL teachers offer one to one teaching to all our students for all courses or packages (except for those students who enrolls for group or summer courses) while they stay with experienced host teacher’s family in a homely environment. However, the students can choose to use a single room or shared accommodation with a fellow student.

For summer group enrolled or group teaching. The students share the accommodation in a room or hall or offered bunk beds.  Alternatively, they can choose to stay in nearest bed and breakfast lodges, guest houses or star rated budget hotels.

We take the English test of all students when they arrive to check their respective levels. Each student is taught English grammar, English phrases, words (similar or opposite meanings), articles, speech (direct, indirect), similes, letter writing, compression, story and poem writing, and use of English dictionary to make their vocabulary rich. In the end student gives another test to check his improvement for writing English skills. The full report of student progress and certificate is given prior to his departure.

EHL liase between the teacher, parent & student. We specialize in offering tailor made courses to suit students of all ages of different levels of learning. We also run exchange programs for cultural exchange students for various schools.

We also teach a business English at all levels for all ages to help improving their business writing, letter writing, speaking & communication skills for a company interview, business meeting & company presentation.